We are happier that his life is much more independent and successful than we could have ever hoped for.  Thank you Hanna!
Testimonial from Angela and Ed Palmer
Hopkinton, MA
As parents of a special needs adult, having a program like Branching Out has been a dream come true. Our biggest fear has always been what would happen to our son Adam if we are unable to watch over him and make sure his needs are being met. We no longer live with those fears and we know that he is treated with great care and respect by Branching Out.

Adam currently lives on his own in Cambridge while we reside in Hopkinton. Branching Out has helped Adam with all the responsibilities and complexities of independent living including the social aspect. They have a keen understanding of Adam's strengths and weaknesses and make thoughtful recommendations to Adam as well as to us. Adam is happier being independent of his parents. We are happier that his life is much more independent and successful than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you Branching Out!
Testimonial from Chris Whitney
Living independently in Cambridge, MA
I have known Hanna Ricciardi since 2003. She and I meet once a week on an assigned day and time. We meet for about two hours. Hanna will do my budgeting with me, she will help me cook, clean, grocery shop, and whatever else I need help with. She also talks with me if I am having relationship problems or any problems in general. I feel she listens to what I have to say. She is kind of like my personal in-house doctor/assistant. She is also very accommodating. There are times I need to talk to her and see her more and she is willing to do so. I can count on her whenever I need her. Overall, Hanna is wonderful. She is a great help and I would recommend her or anyone in her organization.
Testimonial from Roy Corbin
Bangor, ME
I first became acquainted with Hanna Ricciardi of Branching Out when she was employed by a college program designed to assist the learning disabled. Hanna was matched up with Brandon to be his advisor. She was assigned to help facilitate my son's transition from structured dormitory living to living on his own in Boston.

He had a very difficult year of transition, which included trouble with finding a job, problems with a relationship and keeping a neat and orderly house. These problems were not necessarily unexpected but he required supervision and guidance.

For Brandon, being matched up with Branching Out was a huge blessing. They have been invaluable in assisting his transition into becoming a stable and confident person who is happy and functioning quite well on his own.

Hanna visits with Brandon at least once a week. During their visits she helps him to balance his budget as well as assist him with paying off debts that he has incurred without his family's knowledge. She helps him organizing his way too cluttered apartment and makes sure that it is clean and sanitary.

Besides the obvious "physical" time spent with Brandon, Hanna has spent a lot of "emotional" time as well. He has called on her literally night and day for a variety of reasons that have at times included some very serious issues. She has always been there for him and always makes sure that his family is kept in the loop with e-mails and phone calls.

My family and I owe Hanna a great deal of appreciation and respect. She is an extremely capable, trustworthy and very caring individual who has a lot of experience in this field of work. Thanks to her my son has retained an excellent job (with benefits!), has been able to address his financial issues and has a good living environment.

Because I live in Maine and my son lives in Boston it has been wonderful to have something like Branching Out available to work with Brandon. I would be happy to discuss our experience with any prospective clients; our children sometimes need all the help that we can offer them.
Testimonial from Jan and Pete Monaghan, Parents
New York
Every parent has aspirations that their child will lead a more fulfilling and prosperous life than they themselves have lead. Our dreams were dashed early on when our daughter was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Professionals were quick to point out all the things she couldn't do or wouldn't be able to do. Peers were eager to exclude her.

Upon graduating from high school, we did much research to find a college program that met our daughter's needs. After months of agonizing and with much trepidation, we packed our daughter for the big trip from suburban New York to Boston. She was off for college!

Big city life agreed with her. She was very successful in college, had adapted well to dorm life and was fairly independent. But with graduation came another set of problems. If she were to live in the Boston area while we were in New York, how would she possibly manage?

That's where Branching Out came into our lives! Hanna of Branching Out has worked with our daughter for the last six years as an Independent Living Advisor. Together the two of them have worked through issues as serious as crisis intervention to things as simple as explaining a commonplace English idiom. Hanna is a highly skilled and compassionate professional in the field of young adults with special needs. With Hanna's help our daughter has developed into a wonderful young woman with a job that she loves, financial independence, a semi-clean apartment, a diverse network of friends, a healthy body and a culturally rich life.

During their meetings together, Hanna and our daughter are able to problem solve, plan for the future, set goals, make use of community resources, manage health issues and examine interpersonal relationships. They work on many of the issues that all young adults face today as well as problems unique to those people who have disabilities.

An added bonus of Branching Out's services is the support they have given us as parents. Regular communication as well as a few frantic late night phone calls have given us the peace of mind we need as parents of a young adult with special needs.

With Branching Out's help, our dreams of a wonderful life for our daughter have exceeded our expectations. We are the very proud parents of a delightful young woman who is independent, successful and happy. What more could any parent hope for? Thank you, Branching Out!
Testimonial from Dan
Living Independently in Somerville, MA
Hanna and Branching Out have been helping me since 2005. We meet every week. She helps pay my bills and not spend too much money. I really like to shop and I used to spend way too much money. Hanna helps me so I am now much better. I even started a savings account. Hanna also helps me work through any problems I am having with friends. She helps me to communicate better with my parents. She will help me set up all my doctors appointments and she will even take me. Every week we cook meals together. She has taught me how to cook on my own and not to order take-out all the time. I call her all the time. She talks to me when I am anxious and stressed out. Sometimes I get scared and wonder if I am doing a good job. She makes me feel like I am doing a good job and reminds me to be proud of myself. She tells me all the time how proud she is of me. This is nice to hear. I don't think I would be able to live in my own apartment if Branching Out didn't help me.